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Raguati Raguati
Anie Insulistyowati
Dimas Prasetyo Silaban
Endri Musnandar
Afzalani Afzalani
Zulfa Elymaizar
Indra Sulaksana


This experiment was conducted to study the effect of feeding rubber leaves supplemented with probiotics (Bacillus pumilus st. L1) on the number of eggs worm and the prevalence of worms in the digestive tract of ettawa cross-breed goats. Twelve lactating ettawa cross-breed goats were allocated into three group using randomized block design to received fours experiment ration consist; P1 (0% rubber leaves + 60% native grass) + 40% concentrate, P2 ( 15% rubber leaves + 45% native grass) + 40% concentrate+ probiotics, P3: (30% rubber leaves + 30 % native grass) + 40% concentrate+ probiotics, and P4 (45% rubber leaves + 15% native grass) + 40% concentrate+ probiotics. The concentrate was formulated using 38% rice brans, 28% corn meal, 27% soybean meal, 5% coconut cake, 1% salt, and 1% minerals mix. Bacillus pumilus st. L1 with a concentration of 2.8 x 1017 CFU/ml was used as a probiotic source and supplemented with 1% in the ration. The variables measured were dry matter intake and the total of eggs worm per gram of feces. The data obtained were analyzed using analysis of variance (ANOVA) and continued with Duncan's Multiple Range Test. The experiment result showed that the increased use of rubber leaves supplemented with 1% probiotics had a significant (P<0.05) increase in dry matter intake (g/head/day), had a significant (P<0.05) decrease in the total of eggs worm, and increase percentage of the total of eggs worm reduced. The experiment result concluded that the use of 45% rubber leaves supplemented with 1% of probiotics ( Bacillus pumilus St. L1) in the rations had the ability to reduce egg worms up to 75% in the digestive tract of lactating ettawa cross-breed goats.



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Raguati, R., Insulistyowati, A., Prasetyo Silaban, D., Musnandar, E. ., Afzalani, A., Elymaizar, Z., & Sulaksana, I. (2022). EFEK DAUN KARET YANG DISUPLEMENTASI PROBIOTIK DALAM PAKAN TERHADAP PENURUNAN TELUR CACING SALURAN PENCERNAAN KAMBING PERANAKAN ETAWAH: THE EFFECT OF FEEDING RUBBER LEAVES SUPPLEMENTED WITH PROBIOTICS ON EGGS WORM IN DIGESTIVE TRACT OF ETTAWA CROSS BREED GOAT. Jurnal Peternakan Nusantara, 8(2). Retrieved from https://ojs.unida.ac.id/jpnu/article/view/6620
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Anie Insulistyowati



Dimas Prasetyo Silaban



Endri Musnandar



Afzalani Afzalani



Zulfa Elymaizar



Indra Sulaksana




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