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The research aims to determine the prey abilily and preferences of Harmonia axyridis
against Mizus persicae on citrus. The study was conducted at the screen house and Entomology
Laboratory of the Research Institute for Citrus and Sub-Tropical Fruits, in January-March 2016.
The test for prey ability used the first larval stage of H. axyridis to imago for 30 individuals in each
arena. Data were analyzed by counting of M. persicae which eaten per day from each stage, i.e.
larva instar, and H. axyridis imago, as well as the average prey during their life cycle. The results
showed that the highest prey of H. axyridis occurred in instar larvae 4, which reached 428.3% of
is body weight, with a number of preys 9.81 ± 1.01 head / day. Preferences of H. axyridis in instars
larvae 1,2, and 3 were instar nymphs 1 from M. persicae, and for H. axyridis the instar larvae 4
and imago preferred of instar nymph 4. H. axyridis had a life cycle with a range of 6.6 -9.7 days.
The duration of egg stage of the H. axyridis was 3 days, the larvae consisted of 4 instars, the
duration of the stage for each instar was 2.4 days for instar 1 and 2; 5 days for instar 3; 12 days
for instar 4, and 18.5 days for imago.
Keywords: Prey, predator Harmonia axyridis, Mizus persicae, citrus

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