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5 Why’s Analysis, Defect Rate, Fishbone Diagram, Performance, Quality


The Indonesian apparel industries have challenge compared to competitors from other countries, such
as China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. These countries have advantages such as cheap on raw materials,
costs of production and international trade agreement schemes. However, the apparel industry in
Indonesia can have other advantages, one of which is quality of product. The purpose of this study is to
analyze the processes carried out in effort to improve quality of product by decreasing the defect rate
through the formulation of an appropriate root cause analysis. The research uses a quantitative and
qualitative approach, using the fishbone diagram method, 5 why's analysis and A3 templates, while the
qualitative approach is carried out by interviewing the vendor to gain experience of the benefits before
and after the application of the methods. Comparison of the average final inspection data from all
vendors producing products of brand apparel XYZ before and after the application of the fishbone
analysis method and 5 why's diagrams using the A3 template. The results showed an increase in the
quality of apparel products with a decrease in the defect rate that caused the company's quality rating
increased and also increased the ownership or a sense of responsibility for the quality of all parts,
building a quality culture or culture of quality within the company, improving communication and
coordination within the company


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