Focus and Scope

Jurnal Syarikah : Jurnal Ekonomi Islam publish articles containing ideas, research results, literature review, and other innovation creations in the field of Islamic economics such as Islamic Instititution in economics fields, Islamic Macroeconomics, Islamic Microeconomics, sharia management, Islamic Theory, Public policy in Islamic Economics term and others related to the economy and finance sharia.

Islamic Institution in economics fields includes zakah , insurance , Waqf , Banking, capital market and other Islmic institution. Islamics Macroeconomics includes inflation, unemployment, fiscal policy in Islamic view and othe macro subject.  Islamics microeconomics  comprise production, consumption and other.  Sharia management encompass management capital, human resources, financial and other.  Islamic theory of demand in Islamic view, buy and sell in shariah theory and other.  Public policy such as fiscal and moneter policy in Islamic perspektive.