Yudi Darmadi


Real Work Lecture is one manifestation of Tri Dharma College namely community service.
Real Work Lecture has a positive impact for the community, both in terms of development of
infrastructure, economic development, education, religious and environmental hygiene. In
addition, the Real Work Lecture is also has provided invaluable experience for students KKN
2016 had engaged in service learning her in Kampung Cipicung village Kabandungan
districts Kabandungan Sukabumi, about how to live in the midst of society, how to socialize
with people, to exchange thoughts with the public, and take on the life sciences community
to incorporate economic sciences of Islam to the local community that this Cipicung village
can grow in terms of local and cultural potential. By raising the local knowledge and the
various tourist attractions in sub Kabandungan.

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Fukrotutsauroh, A. 2015. Program

Pengembangan Ekonomi Islam Lokal dan

Keaksaraan Fungsional.

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Kelompok IV Pengembangan Aktivitas

Ekonomi Berbasis Syari’ah, Universitas

Djuanda Bogor.

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Kelompok II Pengenalan Aktivitas

Ekonomi Berbasis Syari’ah, Universitas

Djuanda Bogor.


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